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Freight Policy

Potential changes to Thermo Fisher’s current freight policy

Safely delivering high quality products, which arrive to researchers in peak performance condition, is a strategic imperative for Thermo Fisher. With the price of fuel continuously on the increase, Thermo Fisher is considering a revision of its current freight policy and a potential introduction of a fuel surcharge to ensure consistency in the service provided to you.

We continually monitor oil prices and fuel costs and work hard not to pass on the increased fuel surcharges that we’ve experienced since April 2009 from our carriers. Oil prices have been over $100 per barrel since February 2011. Should oil prices remain over $100 per barrel for 3 consecutive months, we reserve the right to implement a fuel surcharge. This charge will be removed as soon as the cost falls below $100 for 3 consecutive months.

We have decided to use a surcharge rather than raise our basic freight charges, as this gives us the flexibility to remove the charge as soon as fuel prices (and the surcharges our carriers put on us) fall.

The fuel surcharge would be invoiced as a separate item and would be added to the first shipment invoice of each order. The surcharge would be a flat rate per order, independent of the size of the order or the number of line items.

This charge would initially be set at €2.98 per order and shall be reviewed regularly based on crude oil prices (Brent). For more details, and regular updates to the policy, please continue to visit our website.

We believe that this provides an equitable way to address the unpredictable expense of variable fuel prices, whilst maintaining the highest standards in delivering our products to you.

We realize that many labs are challenged in the current funding environment and as such, we have kept this surcharge as low as possible. We also continue to offer ways to save on freight charges through order consolidation and on-site stock programs (Supply Centers). For more information, please contact your Thermo Fisher sales representative.

We appreciate your business and will continue to work hard to deliver cost-effective solutions to support your research.


Peter Silvester
General Manager Europe, Middle East and Africa